Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ocean Inspired Quilt

This past summer I made a bold move, making a quilt for my mother-in-law's birthday. Why was it bold? She's a former seamstress! She lives near the ocean, so I went with ocean colors.

I think the patch on the left is a pinwheel.
The ones on the right are checker board.

I finished checker board piece in the quilt.

A pinwheel in the quilt.

My binding and a mitred corner.
I was very proud of these!

Ta-dah!! The final quilt!
I found the pattern online here.

Flower Pot Pin Cushin

I've had these tiny flower pots for many years, as left overs from a previous craft project. One day it hit me, PIN CUSHINS! So here's how I did it.

Take scrap cloth and fill with stuffing (cotton balls could work).
Use a rubber band to hold the cloth shut.

Glue ribbon and spare buttons to the flower pot as decoration.
Hot glue the cushin into the pot to hold it in place.

Insert pins and enjoy!

These can be great gifts for your favorite sewing enthusiast!

Child's Apron

A few months ago I made this apron for my daughter. I created the pattern on newspaper and used one of her dresses as a size guide.

The purple monster is on a handy pocket.

I added a little lace to the bottom for an extra femanine touch!

I sewed the top bow, figuring that I can
take it apart to resize as she grows.