Monday, April 26, 2010

Decorative Binder Clips

While wandering the internet, I found these cute decorative binder clips at Jane's Apron. It seems like the uses for these clips are endless!
  • Dress up your paperwork.
  • Give as a gift for teachers or anyone that works in an office.
  • Use them to stand up a recipe note card in the kitchen!
  • Use them to stand up little cards to denote where someone is sitting at a table, or to label food at a buffet.

This is definately a future Craft Day project for me!

Personalize a Handsoap Dispenser

Check out the Giver's Log for this tutorial on making a personalized handsoap dispenser. They suggest making these as gifts for teachers, but they are great for other gifts as well! The blog uses kids' art as the decoration, but you could always make your own.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stamped Candles

These candles were decorated using white tissue paper (like that used in gift bags). We stamped the paper and then used markers to color in the images. Next we held the tissue paper against the candle and used an embossing tool to head the candle. The melting wax caused the tissue paper to stick to the candle.