Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quilting Tips

I decided to make another quilt, and this time to push myself to learn new things. I borrowed a beginners quilting book from the library and search through it for new tricks.

Here are some tips I found especially helpful:

  1. Even up the edges of the fabric before you start
  2. Press your fabric before cutting out the shapes. DO NOT iron. Pressing (not moving the iron across the fabric) prevents the fabric from stretching and becoming uneven.
  3. Once two pieces have been sewn together, press the seam under the darker fabric to avoid shadows.
  4. When doing a "pillow-style finish" trim the corners of all fabrics off after sewing them together (don't get too close to the stiches!).

With this quilt I am also following a pattern, a first for me! It is going okay so far. Here is what the pattern is supposed to look like when I'm done.

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